The Jewish American and Holocaust Literature Association (JAHLIT) is a subsidiary of the American Literature Association, comprised of an international body of scholars of Jewish American and Holocaust literature.

Dr. Holli Levitsky, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, is Director of the Annual Symposium; Monica Osborne, PhD is Co-Director. Alan Berger, Gloria Cronin, and Dan Walden, are the founders of JAHLIT.  50+ scholars will attend the annual symposium, in what is JAHLIT’s 25th Anniversary year.  The Betsy - South Beach is a proud host, sponsor and supporter of the Symposium.

Public Programs are offered free of charge to the regional South Florida community, during JAHLIT's annual conference in Miami Beach, with underwriting and support from The Betsy-South Beach and PG Family Foundation. 

Once a year, JAHLIT Symposium convenes for a program of scholarly presentation, private and public events, and networking.  With support from The Betsy, the annual JAHLIT Conference hosts a series of public programs that are always free and open to the public, including salons, readings, and cultural celebrations – all in association with The Betsy Writer's Room.

Check this website regularly for future symposia information, special announcements, as well as proposal and registration forms.


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We would like to acknowledge Alan Berger, Gloria Cronin, and Dan Walden, the founders of this annual symposium.  We are grateful for the continued support of The Betsy - South Beach, The PG Family Foundation, and The Betsy Community Fund at The Miami Foundation.